Stop the bullets · Kill the gun

¿Qué tienen en común un huevo, un vaso de leche, una manzana, un bote de ketchup, una botella de agua y una sandía? ¿I en qué se diferencian de la cabeza de un niño?

Anuncio televisivo ‘Stop the bullets · Kill the gun’ de la campaña ‘Peace on the streets‘ de la emisora de radio londinense Choice FM

Música: Casta Diva (Norma) de Vincenzo Bellini

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK
Creatives: Gary Walker, Huw Williams
Agency Producer: Yvonne Chalkley
Production Company: Therapy Films
Producers: Nicola Sims, Barry Hughes
Directors: Sean de Sparengo, Malcolm Venville
Directors of Photography: Stuart Graham, Max Malkin
Post-Production: The Mill
Editor: David Webb @ Final Cut
Sound Design: Parv Thind @ Wave
Camera: Phantom V9
Music: Casta Diva (Norma) de Vincenzo Bellini
Aired: August 2007

Choice FM targets Notting Hill Carnival with gun crime ad

by Darren Davidson Brand Republic 22-Aug-07, 08:40

LONDON – Choice FM is launching a hard-hitting TV and cinema campaign, featuring a bullet travelling through inanimate objects in slow motion, as part of its wider campaign against gun crime.

The GCap Media-owned radio station is working to raise awareness in areas that have high gun crime rates. The campaign launches around the weekend of the Notting Hill Carnival, as part of its wider, “Peace on the streets” campaign.

The 60-second spot, created by AMV BBDO, shows a bullet travelling through an egg, a glass of milk, a bottle of tomato ketchup, an apple and a watermelon.
In the ad’s final frame, a young boy’s head becomes the final object; the bullet travels towards him before stopping at the last moment and dissolving into the strapline, “stop the bullets. Kill the gun”.

The ad has been designed to move viewers to consider the effects of gun crime, particularly the physical implications of a bullet to the head.

The ad was shot on a “phantom” camera, which captures 10,000 frames per second, on a rifle range in the US, because of restrictions on firing live ammunition in a studio environment.

Ivor Etienne, managing director at Choice FM, said: “In the end gun violence destroys young lives and showing this ad during the summer months will hopefully put this message in the forefront of young minds when they are confronted by peer pressure or conflict situations.”

Gary Walker and Huw Williams, senior directors at AMV BBDO, said: “Unlike Hollywood films, bullets don’t leave perfectly clean symmetrical holes, they leave big gaping wounds in kids faces, bodies, arms and legs. If this little film makes just one kid think twice about picking up a gun, then it’s a start.”